De F-35 Oelewappers

F16iHoe minder een academicus of politicus van een dossier afweet, hoe meer hij hierover te verkondigen heeft. Na enkele F-35 oelewappers, laten we een echte expert aan het woord.
Na het aanhoren van Jonathan Holslag op De Afspraak, dacht ik aan het gezegde: Inspraak zonder inzicht leidt tot uitspraken zonder uitzicht. Hoewel Holslag geen enkele militair-technische kennis heeft, wéét hij dat de F-35 het beste vliegtuig is en voegt hij er pathetisch aan toe: 'het beste, dat verdienen onze piloten'.
De droom van iedere piloot
Om het niveau van minister Vandeput in dit complex dossier te illustreren zijn laatste verklaring: "De spitfire is ook een mooi vliegtuig maar daarmee gaan we toch IS niet aanvallen?"
BDW spitfire

En Peter De Roover vindt dat de sp.a de minister had moeten inlichten en niet de misbruiken van defensie naar buiten brengen. Woehaha. Laat het algemeen geweten zijn: De Roover pleit voor achterkamerpolitiek. Transparantie weet u wel. Trouwens, hoe kunnen er, in een proces dat volgens hem volledig transparant was, klokkenluiders zijn (De Rode Kolonel) ? Is dat geen 'contradictio in terminis'?
Gesloten wegens particratie2

Maar wat ik het ergste vind? Dat defensie terecht door de modder wordt gesleurd maar dat diegene die oorzaak is van het machtsvacuüm ongemoeid blijft. Hij zou beter een onder'duik'adres opzoeken!

Even een specialist aan het woord laten. Aan u de keuze wie u gelooft, Jonathan Holslag of deze specialist:

Let’s put things in perspective. The Israelis maintain the highest aircrew to aircraft ratio that is known. They are able to cost effectively achieve this because they supplement core active squadron aircrew with emergency posting ( active aircrew in non combat squadron peacetime assignments ) and reserves IRRESPECTIVE OF RANK!!!!!!!! Consequently, their multi role F 15/16s achieve sustained wartime daily sortie rates of 5/7 respectively. The summary got the numbers wrong. There are 12 active fast jet squadrons, 9 F 16 and 3 F 15, each with a notional strength of 24 aircraft. In war every serviceable aircraft would be utilized. By my count their active inventory is about 300 F15/16s, not including the 9 USAF F 15Ds they are currently updating. So today, they can generate roughly 1,650 fast jet sorties 96 hours from now. I believe they could also quickly reactivate two squadrons of A 4s and F 16 A/Bs ( all of which have been retired ) which cold generate another 350 combat sorties a day. Given strategic warning their availability rates would likely increase from about 0.85 to 0.95, so these very high sortie numbers could increase.

Now how do they generate a high daily sortie rate with their new F35As, without their stealthiness becoming severely compromised. Answer, they cannot, not when it requires 24 hours to cure repaired coatings. If it ain’t stealthy why pay for it, and if it is stealthy they cannot intensely use it. Moreover, unlike their very high MGTOW existing aircraft the F35 can deliver only a very limited payload per sortie if it is to remain stealthy. Moreover, in clear weather and daylight how can you make something stealthy that cannot go high without generating contrails, and cannot go low without being seen. E/O autotrack plus laser rangefinding is a killer for stealth.

My guess is that they know they have bought a white elephant. Some would be useful on night one and thereafter as information warfare tools......but they are already approaching real time satellite coverage of their theater. So what follows? They cannot afford to replace their existing inventory on a one for one basis. The F35 lacks the aerodynamic performance to replace the F15s. It cannot achieve the same sortie rate as existing aircraft, and the payload delivered per sortie will be less. They know this, I know this, and anyone who is not brain dead should understand this. But I expect the Israelis to keep their dissatisfaction quiet because they do not want to piss off their golden goose.

My guess, first another squadron of new F15s and perhaps additional excess defense article transfers of F 16Ds and F15Ds, followed by a transition to unmanned strike platforms and increased use of ground launched missiles, both ballistic and cruise. The missiles already exist and my guess is that a attack jet powered UAV is being developed.

Cancelling the F22 to quickly and generating a grossly compromised multi service F35 was, and remains, a catastrophically bad decision. We and they depend on air supremacy.....and we have done more to compromise that then any potential enemy.
Delen niet verboden.
met vriendelijke groeten,
Spitfire F16 F35